in text books

    Specie variation has always been a part of science.  The term was changed to “micro evolution” to confuse students into believing real evolution occurs.  Aside from semantics, consider that rocks don’t produce genes.  Dogs produce different kinds of dogs, but they never produce fish.  No specie exceeds the range of possibilities prescribed in its genes.  True genetic mutations that occur are harmful. (See: No Evidence For Macro Evolution From Micro Evolution, Roger Lewin, “Evolution Theory under Fire”, Vol. 210, 1980, pg. 883).  “Evolution offers no answers to this weighty problem of the volumes of information carried by the DNA.  Information requires intelligence”, Dr. Jobe Martin, “Evolution of a Creationist”. (He is available for speaking events; www.biblicaldiscipleship.org,  972-771-0568).

    Suppose I advertised a new Mercedes for $10,000. but I was actually selling an old Ford Taurus.  That would be fraud.  Text books bait you with specie variation, then switch to evolution.  To believe in the fairy tale of evolution, you would have to believe that everything suddenly came from nothing, and life came from a rock.  True science directly refutes atheist propaganda, without exception.
  They say they do not promote darkness (atheism), they merely censor all light (truth of design).  If random events will eventually produce complex design, then you could give monkeys a typewriter and they would eventually type Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  Not a chance.  Design requires a Designer.
    IRREDUCIBLE COMPLEXITY- The mechanism of sight is stunning in its complexity.  If we take away any one part, the whole system fails.  Sight could not have gradually evolved in a series of small, helpful, genetic mutations. Michael Behe is a microbiologist who affirms the human cell, with its millions of precise, interrelated parts, could not have evolved  (“Darwin’s Black Box”).
  “I have a standing offer of $250,000. to anyone who can give any empirical evidence for evolution”, Dr. Kent Hovind. (Contact him for details; www.drdino.com ;850-479-3466.) 
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From Glenco Biology, pg. 312.  See: Records from the University of Jena in 1875, Dr. Edward Blick, Blick Engineering, Norman, OK.


Much of the deception began with a series of fabricated drawings promoted by Earnst Haeckel, who taught embryology at the University of Jena, in Germany.  He took drawings of a pig and a human, etc., and fraudulently changed them to look alike. (Creation Magazine, Mar-May 1996, p. 34).
      Haeckel said the human embryo has gills.  Babies have little folds of skin, but these develop into bones in the ear and glands in the throat; they are not gill slits.  (See: Ask about Life, Tobin and Duscheck, 1998, pg. 381). “All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one flesh of men, and another flesh of beasts, ..birds, ..and ..of fish.” (I Cor. 15:39).
    The University of Jena tried Haeckel and convicted him of fraud.  He then confessed, “A small percentage of my embryonic drawings are forgeries. ..  hundreds of the best observers, and biologists lie under the same charge.”  This, and other fraud, is left in the textbooks because atheists don’t have anything else to support their vain philosophy.
    Another ploy is to say that when we don’t know the purpose for something, such as the human appendix, forest fires, or earth worms, our ignorance proves there is no design (non sequitur).  As we learn more, we always see perfect, amazing, complex design.  Atheists invariably respond by finding something else we don’t yet understand.
  When Muslims kill children, Nazis kill Jews, and Christians feed the hungry, atheists cannot say one is good and the other evil; it is purely a matter of choice!  Racist eugenics came directly from evolution theory.  They say there is no absolute moral authority.     


“Figure 12-1  Fossils in the lower layers of sedimentary rock are older than those found in upper layers.  Often, the layers of rock can be dated by types of fossils they contain.”    DATE THE ROCK BY THE FOSSIL!
“The Fossil Record ... Scientists have determined the relative times of appearance and disappearance of many kinds of organisms from the locations of their fossils in sedimentary rock layers.” From- Glenco Biology, 12.1  Evidence For Evolution, 1998, pg. 307.    DATE THE FOSSIL BY THE ROCK!

     The underlined words from the public school text book use circular reasoning, which is invalid.  THE ONLY PLACE THE GEOLOGIC COLUMN CAN BE FOUND IS IN A TEXT BOOK! 
   It is true there are different layers, but there are no erosion marks between the layers.  No rain for 20 million years?  Their theory doesn‘t hold water.  In the “Earth and Science” text book, 1989, pg. 326, authors admit there is no evidence for the geologic column.
    FACT: Petrified trees are found all over the world in these layers, they even find them upside down.  This proves the layers were all formed at the same time in a cataclysmic event, i.e. Noah’s flood.  Trees near Mt. St. Helens are already becoming petrified! 
  Faith in evolution will soon be archaic, but Satan will offer some new, mystical design theory for fools.
  (See- “Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds”, & “Darwin on Trial”, by Phillip E. Johnson; www.AsnwersinGenesis; “In the Beginning”, Dr. Walt Brown; www.icr.org; “Grand Canyon”, www.CanyonMinistries.com;   & www.whitcombministries.org).
  Text books are full of distortions and lies regarding evolution.  Conversely, true science always supports the Bible.  The Bible is yet to be proven wrong in over 20,000 archeological sites.  Avoid, “worldly and empty chatter and the opposing arguments of what is falsely called ‘knowledge’- which some have professed and thus gone astray..”  (I Tim. 6:20).
  The Bible specifically predicted Jesus would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver; crucified; by piercing his hands and feet; no bones broken; buried in a potters field, etc. (prophecies from- Isaiah 53, written in 750 B.C.;  Psalms 22:16, written in 1,000 B.C.;  Zech.11:12-13).  There is ample authentication, such as from the Septuagint (285 B.C.) and the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The specific prophecies of the Bible were made before the events took place. This is undeniable proof of God!  
   Don’t simply accept what some rabid atheist wants you to think; use your own head.  You better, it‘s your soul!  Scrutinize truth claims, whether in this pamphlet or elsewhere.  The evidence for God’s design is overwhelming and irrefutable.  God’s existence is not subject to your opinion; He is, or he isn’t.  Your only choice is whether to be intellectually honest.  Don’t let Satan, the father of lies, enslave you with pride.
   “..The theory of evolution (is) itself, a theory universally accepted not because it can be proved by logically coherent evidence to be true but because the only alternative, special creation, is clearly incredible.”  (D.M.S. Watson, “Nature”, vol. 124, pg. 231.)
    Your Creator loves you and your life does have meaning.  Christ died for your sins and if you confess them to Him and ask for forgiveness, He will forgive you and grant you eternal life.  Repent simply means a change of mind.  God loves sinners, but not our sin.
   Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist that ever lived, founder of Calculus, Laws of Thermodynamics, etc., said, “This most beautiful system of sun, planets and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful ‘Being’.”  “Atheism is so senseless.  When I look at the solar system, I see the earth at the right distance from the sun... to receive the proper amount of heat and light.  This did not happen by chance.”
  “We have seen hoaxes and frauds of evolution come and go.  Nebraska man was going to be used as proof of evolution in the 1925 trial in Dayton, Tenn. (Scopes-Monkey).  Later it was discovered that the entire “man” had been scientifically built from one pig’s tooth.  Piltdown man was an ape’s jaw filed down to fit a human skull as a deliberate fraud.  Neanderthal man was just an old man with arthritis. Cro-Magnon man is 100% human”, Dr.Kent Hovind, Creation Science Evangelism. (He is available to debate instructors, for free.) “Shells from living snails were carbon dated as being 27,000 years old.” (Science, Vol. 224).  The Neanderthal skulls were debunked (“Buried Alive”, Jack Cuzzo, Master Books), as was the 1953, Miller-Urey experiment of zapping ‘primordial’ water to form amino acids.  They use false science, fake drawings, and plaster to deceive the naive, in a desperate and pathetic attempt to deny God.
  Charles Darwin said,  “If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties .. must assuredly have existed.”  His theory rests on there being billions of transitional mutant forms, with only rare instances of stable, functional forms.  In profound contradiction, we have never found one single transitional life form on earth.  Look around you; do you see any today?  Doesn‘t this seem odd to you?  “If I knew of any (transitional forms), fossil or living, I would certainly (have) included them (in my book). I will lay it on the line--there is not one such fossil..”, Dr. Colin Paterson, Senior Paleontologist, British Museum of Natural History. 
  “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’”,    Psalm 14:1.    Dr. James Kennedy, Ph.D., A.B., M.Div., M.Th., D.D., D.Sac. Lit., Litt. D., D. Sac Theol., D. Humane Let., asserts Christianity is the only religion that values science.  Virtually every one of the first 123 colleges and Universities were founded by devout Christians, for the purpose of advancing Christianity; e.g. Harvard (Rev. John Harvard), Yale (Puritan Elihoo Yale), Princeton (Presbyterian), Oxford, Brown, etc..
  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction”, (Prov. 1:7).      The great geniuses of science saw their work as the study of God.  Sir Francis Bacon, father of modern science said, “There are two books we should read, the Bible, and book of nature.”  Johanes Kepler, father of Celestial Mechanics said, “science is thinking God’s thoughts after Him.”
Robert Boyle, Gas Dynamics; John Ray, Natural History; Gregor Mendel, Genetics; Louis Agassiz, Glacial Geology & Ichthyology; James Simpson, Gynecology; William Ramsey, Isotopic Chemistry; David Brewster, Optical Mineralogy;  Bernard Riemann, Non-Euclidean Geometry;  Henri Fabri, Entomology of Living Insects; Michael Faraday, Field Theory; George Stokes, Fluid Mechanics; Sir William Herschel, Galactic Astronomy; Georges Cuvier, Comparative Anatomy; Lord Rayleigh, Dimensional & Model Analysis; John A. Fleming, Electronics; Louis Pasteur, Bacteriology (e.g. pasteurized milk); James C. Maxwell, Electrodynamics; Lord Kelvin, Energetics; Blaise Pascal, hydrostatics;  Samuel Morse, Telegraphy; Charles Babbage, computer science (invented computers); Lord Joseph Lister, antiseptic surgery; James Simpson, anesthesiology; Matthew Maury, Oceanography; etc.. (Source- Coral Ridge Ministries, “Christian View of Science”, 6-1-03, 1-800-229-WORD).
   Christians- William Booth founded the Salvation Army; Millard Fuller, Habitat for Humanity; Florence Nightingale, nursing; Henry Dunant, Red Cross;   George Washington Carver, was an agricultural chemist.
  Isn’t it ironic that all these brilliant men saw God as the means and end of their intellectual pursuits, but  insipid atheists now consider Christianity a backwoods superstition?  In recent history, atheists fantasized that a tiny speck exploded and became the universe, with its stunning design, beauty, and life.  Do you really believe their insane drivel?  “Professing to be wise, they became fools,” (Rom. 1:22).
  Pride and reason are antithetical.  Humble yourself, and “you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free”, (John 8:32).  God does not want you to accept some kind of mystical nonsense (like devilution or yoga).  He gave us a brain and holds us accountable for using it.
   God detests our pride.  Consider His position- “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1), and now some of His little creatures arrogantly deny Him, or demand that He prove Himself.  They will get what they deserve. “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” (Rom. 1:20; Psa.19:1).  God will reveal Himself if you seek him.  Sincerely and humbly ask Him if He is there.  He is our Father.   He loves you!!